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allen ying
brooklyn, new york
my name is allen ying. i've photographed skateboarding here in new york city for around 15 years, starting in the early 2000s. from around 2011 to 2016, i founded and published 43 magazine to offer skateboarding an independent publication we desperately needed, and to push the paradigm of what a skateboard magazine is. more recently i’ve become interested in photographing and getting involved in a variety of subject matters.


my skateboard photography has been featured as the covers of kingpin magazine, skateboarder magazine, and slap magazine, and in color magazine, monster skateboard magazine, the new york times, the skateboard mag, thrasher magazine, transworld skateboarding magazine, and more.

my skateboard photography has proudly supported independent, skateboarder owned and operated companies, including 5boro, alien workshop, autobahn, bones, coda, creation, domestics, emerica, expedition one, listen, organika, politic, rasa libre, satori, shut, stereo, traffic, venture, among others.


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